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A Blog is a Blog is a ______? Help us out! Take our Poll!

November 5, 2010

(Got advise for 22 new bloggers?  Comments gladly welcome!)


Devising without a net!

November 5, 2010

Hopefully everyone isn’t as tech-impaired as I am so we can have some productive improvs today that aren’t about cursing at a computer.  Are human relationships any easier than relationships with computers??  Can I actually upload a photo?  Just give me an hour or two and I’m sure I’ll get it!

Without a Net: Blogging about Blogging About Relationships

November 3, 2010

What do you get when you put one retired Theater Professor, one graduating teaching assistant, twenty UNM freshmen, one Theater Appreciation class, and one English 101 class into a tiny room in the basement of Popejoy Hall?  There is of course the obvious: Chaos and Panic and Joy (Oh my!).  There is also what you might assume–academic essays on plays, theater games lots of improv, and field trips to watch local plays.  But twenty-one different BLOGS on relationships?   

Welcome to Teaching Without a Net, the mother blog and spontaneous brainchild of Samantha Tetangco (English 101 Teaching Assistant) and Susan Pearson (Theater Appreciation Professor) where you can read about our teaching experience and link to the twenty student blogs created in our FLC (Freshman Learning Community) class on theater appreciation.

The English Class assignment: Blog about Relationships (in whatever form the students may see fit) for the final stretch of the Fall 2010 semester (and then write a reflective essay on the process).  The Theater Class assignment: devise a play on Relationships for an end of the semester project (and by devise we mean write, stage, light, design, perform and so on).  The combined hope:  that individual ideas will collide with the collaborative ones to create a compelling bubble of questions both in our final performance and on the world wide web.  (The Relationship theme, for those who are curious, was chosen solely by the class itself).

Leave us comments!  We’d love to create a dialogue within these series of monologues!